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“I am a fan of KOMAL’s custom tailoring. The personal consultation and service allows me to work with KOMAL’s to define each and every detail of my suits and shirts in the way that I would like them. The execution and resultant product is always as was intended from actual sleeve button holes to custom linings. For the cost of a quality rack suit, KOMAL’s delivers a bespoke quality suit made from the finest fabrics from England and Italy. I have no reservations recommending KOMAL’s to my friends and colleagues”
-Marcel Ignatio – Global Sales Executive

“I was referred to Komal’s Custom Tailoring by a patient of mine who had retired after having a very successful business for many years as a custom tailor in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Since the referral was from a lifetime tailor, I was quite confident that Mr. Khawani had to be excellent in what he did even before I met him. However, to my extreme satisfaction, for the past 4 years, Mr. Khawani has not only exceeded my expectations in the quality of his work but also in his highly professional and congenial manner.

The fabric at his disposal is not only a large selection but of the highest quality. Add to that the impeccable tailoring and fitting makes it a very satisfying experience whenever I have any clothes tailored at Komal’s Custom Tailoring. I highly recommend Mr. Khawani and Komal’s. “ -Arvind Chakraborty, M.D.

Dear Lachoo,
There are tailors who make suits and then there are gentlemen who are tailors.
You are the definition of a gentleman, who knows what a man’s suit really represents.
Your great expertise and knowledge shows in the craftsmanship of your suits, attention to detail, fit and finish.

I see some men on the streets wearing off-the-rack suits that really don’t fit them.
(Every man should have a tailored suit at least once in their life).
Because of your fine work, Lachoo, you’ve now become our family tailor!

Thank you!
Ernesto & Federico

Komal's provides outstanding custom made clothing at a very fair price. I have purchased suits, blazers and shirts from Komal's for over 15 years and have never been disappointed.

For nearly the same price I was paying at Nordstrom I can have Komal custom make clothes that fit like a glove.

A very decent gentleman who is committed to satisfying his customers.

Gary P.
Framingham, MA

More Testimonials

Komal's provides outstanding custom made clothing at a very fair price. I have purchased suits, blazers and shirts from Komal's for over 15 years and have never been disappointed.

For nearly the same price I was paying at Nordstrom I can have Komal custom make clothes that fit like a glove.

A very decent gentleman who is committed to satisfying his customers.

Gary P.
Framingham, MA

Mike is the man - I went in to have him make me a custom suit for my wedding in the tropics - thought I wanted a cotton/linen suit; he convinced me to get tropical wool, with a custom lining and perfect fit! Pants are tricky to get right with the correct amount of taper (not skinny jeans, kids), and right "break" (look it up!). Seriously, I also got a gorgeous custom shirt and look like a million bucks. Why throw money at cheap suits that aren't made specifically for you, when you can get a handmade custom suit, perfectly tailored to your measurements by the coolest guy in Framingham. Great guy, great value - go see Mike.

Stuart P.
Waltham, MA

I find few establishments warrant a review - but Komal's does without question.

In preparation for a formal black tie wedding (my own) - I needed a custom, elegant, and bespoke suit fit for the pages of GQ. After ordering a suit from Indochino.com - a well advertised online custom suit maker, I was extremely disappointed in both the fit, quality, and overall look of the suit. To their credit, the customer service was great and I got a full refund without problem.

But back to Komal's - after the Indochino debacle I found Komal's on Yelp, a highly rated tailor and suit maker? It seemed to be good to be true. My fiance and I paid a visit to Komal with less than a month before our wedding looking for a custom midnight blue tuxedo.

Lachoo (Mike) is the owner and sole proprietor of the establishment and was the utmost professional and helpful. He walked us through the whole process and was very helpful in selecting materials and fit. We found the materials we liked and took the measurements for the fit. I was looking for a true, bespoke, and perfect fit that I've had half a dozen tailors fail miserably at in the past.

We needed the Tuxedo to be complete within 3 weeks, which Lachoo said was no problem (incredible given that most other places are 4 weeks + at least for a custom suit, nevermind tuxedo).

Given the above, and our limited options at this point we took the leap of faith. Fast forward 2.5 weeks (earlier than scheduled), picked up the Tuxedo and there wasn't a single alteration needed - an absolute PERFECT fit. For those like myself, who have gone from tailor after tailor looking for quality workmanship, this is the guy. The construction was meticulous, the material looked fit for a king, and the fit was the best I have seen. I cannot recommend Lachoo and his workmanship higher - and I am extremely particular about the look and feel of my clothing.

I would give this establishment 6 stars. Without a doubt, I will be ordering all of my future suits from this fine gentleman.

Michael O.
Hopkinton, MA

Komal's makes great custom suits and shirts. He made me 9 shirts and 2 suits last year, and I have 2 new suits coming. The quality is great. I'm hard to fit off the rack, but I don't have to worry about it at Komal's. He takes a lot of measurements to make sure the fit is perfect.

He has suit and shirt fabrics that you really cannot find in stores. There are so many different books of fabrics to choose from. The suits have nice features that you don't get when you buy something off the rack. I recently received a compliment from a complete stranger that I had a nice looking suit. Naturally, it makes you feel good when someone notices. Thanks Komals!

Robert N.
Framingham, MA

I am no expert in suit alteration, but this business is worth a review.

As per Mr. Lachoo, he has been in suit making and alterations for a while now. I had him alter my professional suit and trouser in a span of 4 days, which is why I am writing this review. I scanned through a number of yelp reviews for tailors around the Boston vicinity and could not find anybody that completed the work in less than a week. Mr. Lachoo is courteous, friendly, easy to communicate with, and makes effort to understand his customer's needs.

I did not shop around a lot, since I had a fixed price in mind which I was not going to surpass. What I have gathered is that with any suit alteration, the costs range from $85 -100+.

Vivek S.
Watertown, MA

Mr. Khawani is not only a fine tailor but a gentleman as well. I asked him to make a blue blazer for me and after some conversation he knew exactly what I wanted. Approximately six weeks later I was pleased to try on the best fitting blazer I have ever owned at a very fair price. In fact, I am so pleased that I have asked him to make slacks that can be worn with the blazer. I would highly recommend Mr. Khawani's services particularly if you find it difficult to find clothing to fit properly off the rack.

Arthur B.
Franklin, MA

My daughter had a suit custom made for her wedding.... it is perfection! If you're looking for the best custom fit...this is where you should go. Not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Five stars!

Judith H.
Westwood, MA

Thank you for taking such good care of me and my alterations! You "re-tailored" someone else's less than acceptable work on a dress to wear to my niece's wedding. (Within less than 2 weeks) I am so pleased to write this review letting readers know what a gentleman you are and your professionalism stood out in my mind. I will be coming to see you anytime I have clothing that needs alterations. You gave me exactly what you promised! Thank you Sir! Karen D.

Karen D.
Framingham, MA