I am a fan of KOMALs custom tailoring. The personal consultation and service allows me to work with KOMALs to define each and every detail of my suits and shirts in the way that I would like them. The execution and resultant product is always as was intended from actual sleeve button holes to custom linings. For the cost of a quality rack suit, KOMALs delivers a bespoke quality suit made from the finest fabrics from England and Italy. I have no reservations recommending KOMALs to my friends and colleagues.

- Marcel Ignatio – Global Sales Executive

I was referred to Komals Custom Tailoring by a patient of mine who had retired after having a very successful business for many years as a custom tailor in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Since the referral was from a lifetime tailor, I was quite confident that Mr. Khawani had to be excellent in what he did even before I met him. However, to my extreme satisfaction, for the past 4 years, Mr. Khawani has not only exceeded my expectations in the quality of his work but also in his highly professional and congenial manner.

- Arvind Chakraborty – M.D.

Komals provides outstanding custom made clothing at a very fair price. I have purchased suits, blazers and shirts from Komals for over 15 years and have never been disappointed. For nearly the same price I was paying at Nordstrom I can have Komal custom make clothes that fit like a glove. A very decent gentleman who is committed to satisfying his customers.

- Gary P – Framingham, MA